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Agency Credentials

Political Lobbying

ETHICORE Political Lobbying is an ethical and independent professional African Government and Public Affairs firm.

We specialise in providing clients with public policy, legislative, regulatory and political intelligence, advocacy, lobbying, Government representation and engagement expertise.



Service Capabilities

What we can do for you and business


We help our clients identify, prepare for and act on policy, legislative, regulatory and political risks and opportunities. Through an ‘Always-On’ approach, we provide preemptive and proactive intelligence to ensure clients...

Advocacy and Lobbying

We develop targeted campaigns and interventions for clients to achieve maximum impact and effectiveness in undertaking lobbying and advocacy activities. Our advocacy and lobbying approach transcends mere ...

Strategy and Advisory

We formulate, manage and implement guiding light strategies that provide an enabling overarching framework to inform the targeted implementation of all government affairs activities in pursuit of broader strategic ...

Our Leadership

Our team is comprised of distinguished and experienced political experts, who advise clients at a senior decision-making level and who interface with public policy, legislative, regulatory and political processes and institutions at the highest level.

Abdul Waheed Patel


Wisahl Jappie

Managing Director
Cape Town Offices

+27 (0) 21 424 1443

Johannesburg Offices

+27 (0) 10 286 1182

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