ANC Study on Mine Nationalisation

ANC Study on Mine Nationalisation

On Friday 17 February, the ruling African National Congress released the long awaited official version of its study into the nationalisation of mines. Draft versions and salient aspects of the early draft into the study had been leaked to the media earlier this month.

The 384 page document entitled ‘Maximising the developmental impact of the people’s mineral assets: State intervention in the minerals sector’ will inform discussions at the ANC Policy Conference scheduled for 26 – 29 June 2012 in Mangaung.

The detailed content of the report is now expected to be closely studied by ANC branch structures, political parties, the mining sector, investors, economic and political analysts – especially since it is likely to provide greater certainty and clarity into the future policy trajectory of the ruling African National Congress and government of the day on mine nationalisation.

Download the full report and executive summary here:

ANC Nationalisation Study Exec Summary

ANC Nationalisation Study Main Report

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