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Biofuels a major recognition in 2014 State of the Nation Address

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: President Jacob Zuma’s recognition of South Africa’s emerging biofuels sector in the 2014 State of the Nation Address underscores the relevance of this new industry to the country’s economic growth plans.   President Zuma announced that: “Biofuels manufacturers have been selected and have started work.”   According to Mabele Fuels Joint Chief […]

Biofuels regulatory consultation a milestone says Mabele Fuels

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: The conclusion of the public consultative process on the South African Biofuels Regulatory Framework is a significant milestone for Mabele Fuels, a pioneering investor in the local biofuels industry.   The Department of Energy recently published the Biofuels Regulatory Framework for stakeholder and public comment by 10 February 2014.   According to […]

Mabele Fuels Statement: Biofuels another opportunity for SA be a clean energy global leader

MEDIA RELEASE 7 November 2013 Biofuels another opportunity for SA to be a clean energy global leader The recent report by leading global investment bank, Goldman Sachs brings into sharp focus South Africa’s performance and achievements in the 20 years since democracy and the unfinished business and new priorities that lay ahead. Like the National […]
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