Celebrating 5 Years. Looking Ahead.

Celebrating 5 Years. Looking Ahead.

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I am elated to share with you that today marks 5 years since ETHICORE was established as the first niche professional political consultancy in Southern Africa.

The boom of African democracy and institutions in the face of pressing socio-economic and development imperatives gives rise to unprecedented demands and opportunities.

From public policy and assessing political risk, to legislation, regulation and many more, public decision-making authorities and affected parties require ever more sophisticated tools and discerning approaches for engaging in constructive and impactful dialogue which contribute to informed choices.

Within this context, since 2010 we have been driven by our founding mission to become a market leader and pioneer of our industry on the African continent. In this pursuit, we have committed ourselves to the development of a holistic suite of ethically focused professional services, standards and practices to excel in the following fields of expertise, namely:

  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Government relations
  • Stakeholder management
  • Public policy and political research and analysis
  • Strategic communications and media

Through the commitment and support of our clients, partners and stakeholders we are forging ahead in our quest.

To maintain this trajectory and remain at the forefront of our profession on the African continent, it is my privilege to announce our renewed strategic direction for the 5-year period leading up to 2020.

Our Vision:
To be the undisputed African global benchmark and partner in professional political lobbying.

Our Purpose:
To influence, inform and participate in the process of democratic decision-making, through enabling constructive political dialogue and engagement.

Our Values:
Professionalism, Innovation and Partnership

High-level Strategic Objectives:

  1. A Commanding Regional Presence: Develop and maintain the most extensive footprint in our industry on the African continent, through a combined network of owned, representative and associate offices.
  1. The Global Strategic African Partner: To be the preferred African partner to global industry peers and networks in key political and economic capitals.
  1. Industry Leadership and Development: Lead in the establishment of professional recognition, standards and governance for the lobbying industry in Africa.
  1. Bespoke Client Diversification: Increase and diversify our portfolio of bespoke clients within our key industry sectors and across multiple priority African and global jurisdictions.
  1. Sustainable Commercial Development: Realise our growth, expansion, competitiveness and sustainability, through strategically reinvesting in our capacity, infrastructure, enterprise and business development.
  1. Exemplary Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility: Commit a meaningful portion of our time, know-how and resources to selective social initiatives that derive value for society, within our areas of expertise.

ethicore_logo and bc2We have sharpened and refreshed the elements that constitute our corporate identity and branding to mark our 5-year milestone and to reflect the configuration of this strategic direction. We will be introducing and announcing a number of well advanced and planned initiatives and activities to mark this occasion and give impetus to our strategic trajectory.

Amongst other, these include:

  • Our new Code of Practice
  • Our 5 -Year Review
  • Appointing our inaugural Advisory Board
  • Establishing a professional body for the lobbying industry in South Africa
  • Concluding strategic regional and global partnerships

I would like to express my personal gratitude and appreciation to you, for your support, recognition and trust in our expertise and capability.

It has been an honour sharing the journey of the past five years with you. I welcome you to join in our continued success.

Warm regards.

Yours sincerely,
Abdul Waheed Patel
Managing Director

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