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COVID-19 Practice

COVID-19 Practice

Supporting public health and economic recovery response measures

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a public health emergency of humanitarian, economic and social proportions.

Following the first cases in Africa reported in Egypt and Algeria, the number of cases across the African continent continues to increase. South Africa now has the highest number of confirmed cases since the first case recorded on 5 March 2020.

Response measures in South Africa have included:

  • Invoking the Disaster Management Act of 2002
  • The establishment of a COVID-19 National Command Council
  • Declaring a National State of Disaster on 15 March 2020
  • The promulgation of regulations and directions from 18 March 2020
  • Escalation to a 21-day nationwide lockdown (26 March – 16 April 2020)
  • The extension of the lockdown from 17 – 30 April 2020
  • A Risk Adjusted Alert Level Strategy for the phased-in return to economic activity from 1 May 2020.

This creates policy, legislative and regulatory imperatives and opportunities for firms, economic sectors and representative business organisations.

Our contribution to date

Since the start of the pandemic ETHICORE Political Lobbying has successfully provided dedicated COVID-19 regulatory affairs insights, interpretation, advocacy, government relations and  strategic counsel for:

  • 18 clients
  • 6 industry associations
  • 16 private companies
  • 2 state owned companies

This has enabled our clients to work with government ministries and departments, legislators, policy-makers and regulatory authorities to ensure appropriate and effective regulation, risk mitigation measures and public health and economic recovery plans for firms and industry sectors.

Sectors supported included:

  • Automotive
  • Banking and financial services
  • Industrial infrastructure
  • Maritime
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Transport
  • Renewable energy
  • Digital markets and e-commerce

We have successfully assisted clients with:

  • Essential services designation
  • Regulatory interpretation
  • Regulatory advocacy
  • Securing regulatory classification
  • Risk adjusted return to economic activity
  • Permit and documentation requirements
  • Government liaison

Our COVID-19 Practice Offering

The ETHICORE Political Lobbying COVID-19 Practice has been established to provide clients with a dedicated and bespoke suite of COVID-19 Government Affairs services.

All of Africa support

With COVID-19 a top priority for the African Union agenda and Regional Economic Communities, through our African Government Affairs Xchange (www.africagx.com) we are geared to support clients across the African continent.

Always-On Regulatory Intelligence and Insights

We provide ‘Always On’ updates and alerts on new regulatory developments and issuing of ministerial directions, as and when they happen. By keeping clients ahead of the curve we enable them to move with speed and act with urgency in adjusting their business response measures. Monitoring and tracking developments across the Governmental institutional ecosystem and regulatory landscape, we help our clients anticipate and understand the policy and political implications of COVID-19 country regulatory response measures.

Government Relations and Advocacy

We provide a bridge to Government institutions, policy makers and regulators during the crisis, enabling our clients to engage with and undertake regulatory advocacy at all levels of Government. This includes through high quality submissions, virtual engagement platforms and liaison with COVID-19 governance and command structures on policy and regulatory response measures and proposals on regulatory inclusions and amendments.

Parliamentary and Legislative Affairs

We provide dedicated monitoring and analysis on COVID-19 oversight by Parliamentary Committees, helping clients understand the legislative implications of COVID-19 and country risk response measures. . We facilitate effective liaison with Committees, law-makers and staffers in support of targeted advocacy.

Strategic counsel and advisory

We advise client leaders with structured strategic regulatory interpretation and the formulation of risk mitigation strategies, including written advisories and virtual consultations.

COVID Ready Sectoral and Business Plans

We help individual firms and business sector organisations formulate all manner  of risk based adjustment measures and recovery plans for a COVID-ready environment:

  • Adjusted operating plans
  • Workplace Plans
  • Country scenarios
  • Industry and firm level regulatory forecasts
  • Post COVID-19 economic readiness plans
  • Regulatory implementation guidelines
  • Transitioning between risk adjusted alert levels
  • Fiscal and policy support measures

For more information and enquiries, contact us on:

[email protected]

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