ETHICORE Political Consulting statement on election of ANC top 6

ETHICORE Political Consulting statement on election of ANC top 6

2012 Top 6ETHICORE Political Consulting extends its congratulations to the newly elected and some reelected top six leadership of the African National Congress, elected at the party’s 53rd national and elective conference currently underway in city of Mangaung. We wish all candidates well in the fulfillment of their duties and responsibilities to the party and the nation at large.

In particular, ETHICORE welcomes the certainty and end to speculation and anticipation that that the confirmation of their appointment brings with it.

Going forward, ETHICORE looks forward to constructive engagement with the newly elected party leadership.

ETHICORE would like to encourage the new leadership of the party to ensure that:

1. The party is stabilized so as to ensure the stability of society more broadly, given the party’s dominant position in broader South African society.

2. The credibility and integrity of Parliament as the national legislative and oversight authority and forum for dialogue, engagement and public participation on issues of national interest and importance.  This includes the review of the rules of Parliament; consideration of electoral reform to a constituency based parliamentary system to improve accountability, public participation and consultation; citizen advocacy and activism so as to strengthen and enhance the role of Parliament in overseeing quality policy-making and implementation, law-making and regulation. Critical in this regard, is the non-politicization of constructive suggestions for Parliamentary consideration and decision-making irrespective of their origin, which are fundamentally in the national interest, sound, evidence based, demonstrably viable and feasible and rational, which have the potential to meaningfully contribute to enhancing the achievement of national development priorities and challenges.

3. Ensuring policy clarity and certainty, with consistency and flexibility as required. For example, the role of the state in the economy, particular strategic economic and industrial sectors and the party’s position on the National Development Plan as the blueprint for the country and the economy.

Not only is policy clarity and certainty imperative, so too is policy consistency between the various aspects of Governments economic and development policy mix, in both prevailing policy options and future policy trajectory. These are necessary for mitigating against possible competing and duplicating policy interests and to maximize the cumulative impact of mutually inclusive policies.

As the focus of the conference shifts to the finalisation of the remainder of the 80-member ANC national executive committee and the conclusion of policy resolutions, ETHICORE wishes ANC delegates well in the remainder of their conference deliberations and looks forward to the outcome of these.

Issued by: Abdul Waheed Patel (Managing Director) – 079 888 0452

Enquiries: Wisahl Jappie – 072 227 1144

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