International Trade

ETHICORE Political Lobbying navigates the complexities of international trade policy and regulation. Our international trade practice spans the SADC region, EU, USA, South America and Asia. Our team supports clients in leveraging the strategic value of trade relations and diplomacy and understanding its impact on business operations and challenges.

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the institutional and political processes and its influence and impact on trade policy considerations and negotiations assists clients in traversing domestic and international trade matters.


Scope of our work covers

  • Trade policy analysis
  • Customs and duties
  • Anti-dumping and related investigations
  • Trade remedies
  • Trade protection safeguards
  • Tariff barriers and investigations
  • Formulation of policy and regulatory proposals to resolve trade related matters
  • Institutional, policy and political dynamics within government affecting trade policy and regulation.
  • Advocacy based engagement with the department and ministries of trade, as well as trade administrative bodies and commissions. This includes defending cases and applications.
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