Parliamentary Practice

Our dedicated Parliamentary Practice specialises in providing customised and tailored Parliamentary and Legislative services for clients who are significantly impacted on by legislative actions and Parliamentary oversight, inquiries and hearings.


Our Offerings

Training and Advice

On Parliamentary Rules, Powers, Functions and Protocols. We prepare clients to withstand Parliamentary scrutiny, including through simulating legislative hearings and inquiries and researching and anticipating questions from lawmakers and formulating model responses thereto.

Parliamentary liaison

With key focal points such as various House administrative functions, Committee members, House staffers, Cabinet Parliamentary offices and party political caucuses.

Parliamentary and legislative advocacy and lobbying

We help clients navigate and interface the National Houses and Provincial Legislatures throughout the legislative formulation process, law-making cycle and oversight.  This includes formulating high-quality and compelling evidence-based written submissions and oral presentations to Parliamentary Committees, individuals lawmakers, party political caucuses and study groups on committee bills, private members legislature professionals, petitions, budgeting and appropriations, tax and money bills, ratification of international agreement and executive and policy implementation oversight.

Monitoring, tracking and report

Providing timely access and customised insights, analysis and reporting on House and Committee business such as Programming updates, Committee Schedules, Public Hearings, Study Tours and Oversight visits, Inquiries, House Debates and Questions, Speeches, Parliamentary papers, Publications, Announcements, Tablings and Reports.

Parliamentary and Legislative Mapping

Lawmaker profiling and dispositional analysis; Shadowing the institutional Parliamentary and legislative process; Mapping clients’ parliamentary and legislative universe, including party political structures and the legislative agenda.

Full service Parliamentary Office

We provide a full service Parliamentary Office customised and tailored to clients’ parliamentary and legislative needs, from our offices based on the doorsteps of Parliament.

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