ETHICORE Political Lobbying provides a full range of government affairs services customised and tailored to our clients needs. We combined our unique knowledge of governmental, parliamentary, policy, legislative, regulatory and political processes, with an intimate understanding of our clients goals and objectives, to formulate and implement effective and impactful government affairs activities that achieve tangible results.


We help our clients identify, prepare for and act on policy, legislative, regulatory and political risks and opportunities. Through an ‘Always-On’ approach, we provide preemptive and proactive intelligence to ensure clients...

Strategy and Advisory

We formulate, manage and implement guiding light strategies that provide an enabling overarching framework to inform the targeted implementation of all government affairs activities in pursuit of broader strategic ...

Advocacy and Lobbying

We develop targeted campaigns and interventions for clients to achieve maximum impact and effectiveness in undertaking lobbying and advocacy activities. Our advocacy and lobbying approach transcends mere ...

Policy Content and Political Communication

Playbook – calibrating content deployment with client objectives
  • Content, messaging and narrative formulation
  • Evidence based advocacy, lobbying and engagement assets / collateral
  • Formulating compelling evidence based submissions to Government, Parliament and Regulators
  • Scenario planning to illustrate regulatory impact and consequences
  • Policy relevant external political communications and media and digital advocacy
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