We help our clients identify, prepare for and act on policy, legislative, regulatory and political risks and opportunities. Through an ‘Always-On’ approach, we provide preemptive and proactive intelligence to ensure clients are able anticipate and plan for the policy, legislative, regulatory and political developments on the horizon.


Our Offerings:

Political monitoring and rhetoric analysis

We monitor and track all party political formations, announcements, developments, speeches and policy discourse, keeping clients abreast of what is being said, by whom and its implications. this

Policy, legislative and regulatory horizon scan

We monitor and scan the policy, legislative and regulatory horizon and advise clients on the details of emerging proposals, risks and opportunities that may be affected by. We develop and maintain customised dashboards and ‘watch lists’ to track issues and scan the environment of our clients’ radar.

Written advisories and analysis

We produce customised written intelligence reports and briefing papers with insightful analysis to help clients understand implications of policy, legislative, regulatory and political proposals and consider practical recommendations and actions to be taken.

Stakeholder identification, mapping and analysis

We help our clients identify their stakeholder universe and audience, through granular and detailed mapping of key decision-makers and influencers and analysing their disposition.

PESTEL Reporting and Analysis

We provide a structured PESTEL Reporting focused on key Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors, macro-social metrics and parameters that define the political-economy.

i-Product Eco-System

Proprietary Intelligence Platform


Customised intelligence and comprehensive analysis to define your radar of priorities.


Timely alerts and notifications on new legislative tablings
and introductions.


Timely alerts and notifications on new legislative tablings
and introductions.


Timely updates on the outcomes Parliamentary Committee proceedings, deliberations, decisions and processes.

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