Strategy and Advisory

We formulate, manage and implement guiding light strategies that provide an enabling overarching framework to inform the targeted implementation of all government affairs activities in pursuit of broader strategic goals and objectives.


Our Offerings:

Gap analysis

We conduct status quo analysis of existing client strategies, capacity and the effectiveness of implementation activities, identifying gaps and potential new priorities and areas of focus.

Strategy formulation

We formulate comprehensive government affairs, advocacy and lobbying strategies outlining identification of priorities, clear targets, measurable objectives, activities, allies, deliverables and success indicators, as well as an implementation plan.

Strategic counsel

We supplement the implementation of implementation activities with structured strategic counsel to client leaders on a frequent basis.

Practice Areas and Services

Parliamentary & Legislative Affairs

✺ Advice and training of Parliamentary Rules, Powers, Functions and Protocols

✺ Timely access to Parliamentary papers, publications, announcements, tablings and reports

✺ Parliamentary Liaison:

✺ Committees members; House Staffers; Party political caucuses and staffers and Cabinet Parliamentary offices

✺ Follow, monitor and track House and Committee business

✺ Public Hearings, Inquiries, House debates and Question time, Study Tours

✺ Legislative formulation, oversight and deliberations throughout the law-making cycle

✺ Committee Bills and Private Members Legislative Proposals

✺ Policy oversight and Executive accountability

✺ Budgeting processes, Tax and Revenue Bills

✺ Ratification of International Agreements

✺ Formulate written submissions and oral presentations to Parliamentary Committees; Targeted Lawmakers; Party political caucuses and study groups

✺ Prepare clients to withstand Parliamentary scrutiny, including through Lawmaker profiling; Researching and anticipating questions from MPs and formulating model responses thereto

Practice Areas and Services

Industry Affairs Portfolio and Practice

We have a decade long track record of distinction in representing and managing the Government and Parliamentary Affairs, legislative, public policy and regulatory interests of member-based organisations at all levels of Government and Parliament:

Bespoke Association Services:

✺ Entity formation, registration and founding

✺ Formulation of Strategic Intent (Vision, Mission, Objectives and Principles)

✺ Entity Administration and Operational management

✺ Government representation, liaison and relations

✺ Advocacy and Lobbying Strategy Formulation

✺ Programme and Campaign development and implementation

✺ Agenda and issue management

✺ Management of Industry Affairs

✺ Branding, Online and Digital presence

✺ Media, Public and Digital Advocacy

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