Tabling of 2013 Departmental Budget Votes in Parliament

Tabling of 2013 Departmental Budget Votes in Parliament

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 3.52.58 PMFrom 7 May – 12 June 2013, Cabinet Ministers of all 32 national government departments and the Presidency will table and deliver their departmental 2013 Budget Votes in the National Assembly of the Parliament of the Republic South Africa.

The Budget Votes are of strategic importance and require proactive monitoring and analysis. The purpose of the Budget Votes are to give further detail to the framework provided by the Minister of Finance in the National Budget Speech delivered on 27 February 2013, for the manner in which government departments will spend and investment their revenue allocations and the returns that these aimed at realizing.

The Budget Votes are also an opportunity for Ministers to give provide Parliament (by virtue of its oversight, accountability and legislative mandate) and the nation with a status report on the performance of government department in pursuit of the Cabinet and Government’s performance and outcomes based agreements entered into with the President of the Republic.

As such, the occasion of the Budget Votes also provide Government to make a number of crucial announcements on key interventions in the various portfolios to enhance impact, development and delivery.

The ensuing political statements delivered and inevitable political debates that arise will provide value political intelligence to be further analysed and deconstructed in order for ongoing government relations, policy, legislative, regulatory and political advocacy and lobbying activities to be enriched and informed by it; as well as to develop an ongoing deep understanding and interpretation of key political issues and how these need to be navigated going forward.

Click here for a detailed schedule of budget votes, as frequently updated by Parliament: 2013 Budget Votes_08May2013

NOTE: Dates and details are subject to change without prior notification at the discretion of Parliament. Best attempts will be made to proactively monitor potential changes and to report and advise on these accordingly.

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