Strategic Approach

Strategic Approach

Simplifying & managing complexity

We unravel and leverage complex and intertwined Governmental Parliamentary, legislative, regulatory, policy and political processes, at multiple institutional and stakeholder levels.

Strategic Approach

Navigating the road ahead

We proactively and preemptively determine agenda-shaping power relations, influences, institutional, political processes and perceptions on the horizon impact our clients.

Strategic Approach

Interventionist advocacy, lobbying and engagement

We proactively and preemptively identifies areas of risk, opportunity and concern for our clients and their political stakeholders. We establish and cultivate trust and common ground between our clients and their political stakeholders. We design and implement mitigation measures and response strategies

We deploy an eco-system approach when servicing clients on issue-driven government and public affairs.

We providing a holistic vantage point on the issue at hand across the continuum and evolution of policy and institutional processes:


Strategic Framework


Framing Niche Opportunities

Carving unique spaces and windows of opportunity for constructive dialogue and engagement

In an environment of competing political priorities, stakeholder interests and congested political agendas, interested parties compete for appeal, attraction and relevance.

ETHICORE works to:

  • Establish and secure the relevance of our client’s in the minds and on the agendas of their political stakeholders.
  • Unlock and unblock timely and appropriate platforms and channels of communication, dialogue and engagement.
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