Lobbying in South Africa

Lobbying in South Africa

Screen shot 2012-02-01 at 4.43.31 PMCAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: ETHICORE Political Consulting featured in recent media reports about the lobbying proposal by Washington DC based Public Affairs Engagement (PAE) to the pharmaceutical industry on the proposed National Policy on Intellectual Property in South Africa, published by the Department of Trade and Industry.

ETHICORE Political Consulting has a duty of care (and responsibility to the public, Government, our clients, stakeholders and partners) to clarify our position, following the media coverage and public discussion that ensued on the lobbying proposal.

ETHICORE Political Consulting is a professional and transparent South African firm, providing ethically focused specialised government relations, advocacy, lobbying, communications and research services to bespoke local and international clients. These are companies and associations who constructively work with and engage the institutions of governance, legislation and regulation in South Africa at a number of levels, in pursuit of advancing national objectives.

On 7 January 2014, ETHICORE was approached by PAE as a potential local partner in the purported lobbying effort. ETHICORE was not party to the formulation of the lobbying proposal and was approached in an unsolicited manner.

ETHICORE maintained from the outset that the proposed lobbying effort was inappropriate and misguided in terms of South Africa’s policy processes, its political and socio-economic context.

ETHICORE wishes to emphasise that we were never appointed nor party to any consultations with the proposed client on the lobbying proposal. We have never enjoyed any relationship with the originators of the proposal prior to being approached by them. ETHICORE does not have any association with PAE.

Since it’s founding in 2009, ETHICORE has prided itself on a responsible epoch in the provision of services in our practice areas. This has and continues to be characterised by an open ethos approach that is ethical, transparent, legal, in the public domain and most importantly, with a public purpose.

As such our work is within the confines and dictates of Government and parliament’s defined public participation and consultative processes. This does not involve any illegal, corrupt or unethical practices. We are explicitly focused on working with our clients to support policy-makers, legislators and regulators in achieving the best possible outcomes for our country and its people. This is aimed at enhancing the work of Government through an evidence-based approach informed by research and analysis.

Our mission has been to demonstrate that as a developing democracy, our services cannot be associated with reprehensible practices. Since our establishment, we have developed and imposed upon ourselves and subscribed to a strong code of professional and ethical conduct in the provision of our services.

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The inferences resulting from our reported association in the proposed lobbying effort, has detracted from the ethical provision of our services. The effects of these inferences have included intimidation, threats of bodily harm and death on our families and ourselves. We will however not be deterred and will continue our mission in order to maintain our integrity and reputation.

Lobbying, when conducted in a constructive and ethical manner, fulfills a valuable contribution to the democratic cause through the creation of responsible citizen activism which enhances sound policy, legislative and regulatory formulation. This is an objective we have sought and will continue to advance in our work.

Our commitment to uphold and adhere to these fundamental values and principles has never waivered and shall remain a hallmark of our work.

Our journey continues undeterred and with greater conviction, determination and passion, not in spite of the aforementioned, but because of it.

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Issued by and on behalf of:
Mr. Abdul Waheed Patel
Managing Director

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Ms Wisahl Jappie
Associate Director
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ETHICORE Political Consulting is a leading and preeminent South African political consultancy, principally specializing in all aspects of political analysis, advocacy and lobbying, governmental relations, parliamentary affairs and political communications, at the policy, legislative and regulatory affairs level.

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